A charismatic master of disguise who specializes in "digging the knife deep at the perfect moment"


White, roughly 6 feet tall. Short, black, wavy hair. Green Eyes. Passively good looking.

Str 13
Con 13
Dex 18
Int 8
Wis 12
Cha 16

41 max hp


Given name: Sylvester Cynster. Parents: Sabastian and Helena (Duke and Dutchess of St.Ives) No siblings. St. Ives is a small estate made up of 4 neighboring towns. 20 years ago, the villages of St. Ives began succumbing to a terrible disease depleting their numbers. Sabastian and Helena (with young son Sylvester), fearing for their people’s lives, set out to find a cure. Leaving his uncle Morrem, to watch over his estate. A few years later, the family settles into life in a remote village, where they learn a couple possible remedies for the disease. The village gets attacked by pillagers, who attempt to rob the town and rape the women. With the help and leadership from his father, the villagers fight off the offending clan. Unfortunately, both the Duke and Dutchess are murdered with six year old Sylvester watching from a distance. Afterwards the villagers take him in raising him as one of their own. For the first year he doesn’t speak a word. He does, however, show incredible promise with all the combat training they impart on him. At the age of ten, the village council refuses further training for fear of retribution. A village recluse, seeing his passion for revenge, begins training him in the art of stealth and assassination. An artform he mastered from years fighting wars from behind enemy lines. His teen years were spent growing tired of school. His constant investigation of his parent’s murder worried town officials. Though excelling, he kept his boredom at bay by pulling pranks while remaining anonymous. (One notable prank was the time he poisoned his teacher with a mild drowsiness herb and gave her scheduled test in a disguise as her. The class all passed.) As he got older, his efforts become more dangerous and brazen. Stealing relics and other priceless pieces from the temple, city hall and mayor’s house. The town, convinced it had a cat burglar, hired the outsider to find the mysterious person. Some time later, he left the village for the urge for justice (or revenge) was too great. He left the village a letter that simply said “the old well”. Upon investigation at the old well, they found all that was stolen from them in a hidden room at the bottom of the dried up well. The town’s nickname of Geist seemed to fit him even more. Now, at the age of 24, he wanders from town to town searching for any evidence leading to the death of his parents and to his past before the small village…


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