Skilled warrior on the path of revenge

Str 16
Con 14
Dex 15
Int 10
Wis 13
Cha 10

26 max hp


Tam was a young student at a fighting school when it was attacked by a mysterious organization of people using strange fighting styles and weapons. Tam’s master was slaughtered, as well as, to current knowledge all other students. Tam escaped and traveled to the east, there he trained hard for many years with an eastern style of swordplay. He’s returned home to track down clues about the group that killed his master, and ultimately master his techniques to be able to counter and defeat all of members of the group and their fighting styles.

Upon completion of his goal, Tams hope his to rebuild his school using is new found knowledge of fighting techniques to continue training worthy students to be ready to combat true evil when it presents itself.


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