The Gods

The universe is home to sixteen unique deities, each with its own alignment, ideals, and domains of divine magic. Each deity has a specific plane of the Cosmos that is their home.

Deity’s Name Alignment Ideals Plane Magical Domains
Otheos Lawful Science, Math Mechanus Law, Knowledge, Magic
Ulsonur Lawful Half-Good Construction, Smithing Arcadia Fire, Strength, Protection
Palmyrius Lawful Good Justice, Valor Celestia War, Law, Good, Protection
Culan Half-Lawful Good Farming, Hunting Bytopia Earth, Plant, Sun
Auvurn Good Family, Life Elysium Good, Healing, Protection
Vephrus Half-Chaotic Good Love, Vitality Arborea Air, Healing, Sun
Kuniyo Chaotic Good Nature The Beastlands Animal, Good, Chaos, Plant
Reheye Chaotic Half-Good Entertainment, Trade Kygard Travel, Trickery, Luck
Syr Chaotic Magic, Dreams Limbo Chaos, Magic
Thetis Chaotic Half-Evil Ocean Fathos Water, Animal, Healing
Korinon Chaotic Evil Hate, Destruction The Abyss Chaos, Evil, Destruction, War
Vermic Half-Chaotic Evil Disease, Famine Bogea Destruction, Animal, Travel
Galathoth Evil War, Violence Acheron Evil, War, Strength
Dalreth Half-Lawful Evil Sorrow, Secrets Carceri Death, Trickery, Knowledge
Skeivor Lawful Evil Tyranny, Revenge Baator Luck, Law, Evil, Knowledge
Chyros Lawful Half-Evil Death The Gray Waste Death, Law, Magic

As legend has it, at first there was only one deity, the Mad God, Syr. It is the most powerful of all the gods, but also nearly mindless. There is scholarly debate whether it is even sentient at all or merely a force of nature. It creates and destroys at mere whims, uncaring or unaware of those caught in the tides of its power. Some believe Syr created all the other gods as well as the humans and other natural creatures of the material realm. Many of these beings were tormented or even eliminated from existance by the Mad God before the other gods became fearful of Syr’s unfathomable power, and thoughtless, destructive applications thereof. They felt that soon enough they would be next, so they put aside their differences and united their powers to drive Syr into a deep, endless slumber.

Other gods have learned that the shockwaves of power caused by battle between themselves echoes through the Cosmos and disturb’s Syr’s sleep. For this reason, they refrain from open war amongst themselves, fearful of the greater repercussions of awaking the Mad God. As Syr slumbers, power eminates from it’s body and special mortals are able to tap into it. This is the source of all arcane(non-divine) magic in the world.

The Gods

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