Ahum Five-Body

Ahum Arraton, more commonly known as Ahum Five-Body or The Sword Saint is popularly regarded as the greatest swordsman to ever live, though there is debate about that among scholars of the subject. Little is known of the origins of his swordsmanship skill as their is very little available information regarding his youth. There is no record of his being a member of a sword-school and scholars believe he was largely self-taught. This is evidenced in his swordsmanship being described by many as unorthodox.

The moniker “Five-Body” was attributed to him as a young man. The custom of a some nobility at the time was to test the quality of new swords by cutting through the torsos of condemned criminals. When testing a blade for a local lord, Ahum severed five torsos in one swing, astounding all present and earning himself the name.

Among the famous deeds attributed to him are a recorded 62 duels without suffering a defeat, single-handedly holding the castle gateway against Duke Kogharnel’s assaulting army during the Second Battle of Tiriagel Castle, slaying the dreadful cloud giant brothers that repeatedly raided Pavaron, driving out the Black Hag of Broor, and founding the Swordcouncil of Fodlym.

After his successful encounter with the Black Hag of Broor, Ahum claimed for himself from among her abandoned possessions, a sword. The sword was of exquisite craftsmanship, decorated with runes, and emanated a palpable magic. Contemporary scholars examined the sword, but were unable to decipher the runes nor match it’s description to any known legendary blades. Ahum named the sword Falbhore(translated as “Autumn Dreamer”) and carried it with him for years, until his death. After which, Falbhore was enshrined in Ahum’s Rest, the building he had constructed to serve as headquarters of the Swordcouncil of Fodlym. It remains there to this day.

Some believe that after Ahum died, he attained some higher form of being and that he still lives on some other plane of existence. For this reason, there are those who pray and leave offerings to him, in hopes of receiving his blessing upon their martial abilities.

Ahum Five-Body

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