King's Chosen

The Knighthood of the Kings’s Chosen is a group of knights that have been handpicked by King Crethilus himself from the most skillful warriors of the kingdom. This highly elite group always numbers eight members and if any of the members die or retire – as has happened in the past – a new member is immediately chosen. It is considered an honor of the highest degree to be chosen and the names of the members of the King’s Chosen are known all across the land.

Several of the current members are personal friends of King Crethilus that fought with him in The Wellspring War. All members are absolutely loyal and would lay down their life for The King, as they are expected to do so if required.

The current members of the Sworn Knighthood of the King’s Chosen are:

Sir Boros
Sir Cassius
Sir Chade
Sir Eddard
Sir Logoth
Sir Qhorin
Sir Tormund
Sir Umber

King's Chosen

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